Who We Are


We promote events, restaurants and malls by providing superior people who deliver creative projects, and then we connect our network of people to valuable and exciting opportunities.   


To become the Southeast's leading Event Staffing and Promotion Agency by working with nationally recognized clients while providing our Brand Ambassadors exceptional work opportunities.


The Urban CREE
Commitment: Promise & Fulfill
Relationships: Connect & Cultivate
Efficiency: Streamline & Maximize
Enthusiasm: Radiate & Motivate

 “Commitment” is the encompassing word of how most decisions are made at Urban Enterprises by all those employed. Commitment explains Urban’s continued dedication to success through following through with the promises we make no matter what: anyone employed by Urban Enterprises will always do whatever they say they would do. This commitment explains our dedication also to client representation, ownership of choices/actions, integrity, professionalism, and punctuality.

“Relationships” represents the heart –based strategy of networking. By hiring Brand Ambassadors and Team members primarily through referrals, Urban encourages a devoted and loyal team. This value holds true for our client relationships as so many of our clients are also gained successfully through referrals.

“Efficiency” speaks to our value of fiscal responsibility as well as managing projects in a timely manner. This value serves Urban as a business and serves our clients, providing the most effective service possible in our industry.

“Enthusiasm” expresses the positive and friendly way that all people employed by Urban Enterprises interact with others during all projects and the way the Urban team should and will always be managed. Seeking to exceed expectations and maintaining high energy through all projects and tasks engages new clients and guests. All of the above values are vital in gaining and sustaining business growth but our unmatched enthusiasm is what will always set Urban Enterprises apart.


We find it essential that all members of The Team are in a position that gives them the opportunity to do what they do best every day.  In order to achieve this, we use Tom Rath's StrengthsFinder 2.0, a 174 page book and 1 hour assessment that help readers discover their natural strengths and talents. Our office proudly displays a strength board that lists everyone's strengths, and we even use this assessment during our interview process. We maintain a positive environment by maximizing our strengths, identifying what strengths we should scout in new team members, and aligning existing team with tasks and projects that capitalize on their natural talents.